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je2At NEMOP we value long-term relationships with our client organizations and their patient employees.

New England Mail Order Pharmacy is a licensed pharmacy operating in Middlebury, Vermont committed to exceptional service.

Why New England Mail Order Pharmacy?

  • Knowledgeable, professional customer service support

Direct access to our staff of certified pharmacy technicians and our customer support team. Our phones are only answered by human beings – no machine, no pushing buttons to navigate through a menu to talk to a person. They are happy to help you and your employees with any questions they may have, or assist with forms and their prescription transfer needs. Of course, you may choose to "self-serve" by using the services available on our website or by using our automated phone system.

  • Speak to a pharmacist when you need to.

A NEMOP Pharmacist is available by phone, email or on our website.

The Split Incentive Program® is an integral part of the Pharmacy Benefit Program which NEMOP is offering to you.

How it Works: Many expensive drugs come in multiple strengths…as an example…Lipitor™…a drug to reduce cholesterol…comes in 10…20…40 and 80 milligram strengths. Realizing that the difference in cost between these strengths is often insignificant…NEMOP developed the Split Incentive Program to greatly reduce costs to both the Company and the Employee as well.

For example: If you are prescribed Lipitor™ 10mg and told to take one tablet a day, normally you would receive 90 tablets…a normal 3-month supply of the drug…a 3 month supply is what the plan allows…for your normal copay. If however, we send you 45 tablets of 20mg Lipitor™ and a free pill splitter…and instruct you to take “1/2 tablet a day”…the result is that:

  • You are still getting the prescribed daily dose of 10mg Lipitor™
  • You are still getting your 90-day supply of medication
  • This saves your company better than 40% of the cost of the drug

NOTE: The Split Incentive Program® cannot be used for every prescription. Some tablets should not be broken, some medicines only come in capsule form and others may not be available in the dosage needed to participate. NEMOP pharmacists know when to use this program. We have been providing this service since 1995. We know it works and when it should be utilized.

  • NEMOP enhances your Pharmacy Benefit Program

NEMOP partners with you to bring you on site immunization clinics and free diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure screenings. Remember us when planning your next employee health fair or open enrollment - we can be on site to answer any program specific questions you may have…or speak to some of the current healthcare concerns we all face and will work with you to make your employees educated healthcare consumers. NEMOP has facilitated meetings addressing: Hypertension, Diabetes Management, and Smoking Cessation.

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